A wire transfer occurs when, instead of sending you a check to pay what we owe you, the money goes directly from our bank account to your bank account.


Receiving your money through wire transfer is just a method of payment.It replaces being paid by check.You still have to agree to the terms and conditions relevant to the Pornaccess program you are signing to.


It is more complicated for us to do wire transfers and it also implies more cost since the bank is charging a lot of money for each wire transfer.This is why we have to charge you more for a wire transfer than a check.


The following rates apply.They vary depending on how much business you send us.The more money you make with Pornaccess, the less you will pay for a wire transfer.The prices are calculated on the amount we owe you at the end of each payment period, independently of the preceding or the following payment period:


Amount you earned

Fee for wire

$250 to $999.99


$1000 and more



We have to pay a fix amount for each wire transfer to the bank, independently of the amount of the wire transfer.We decided to absorb the wire transfer fee as an aditionnal bonus to those who send us a lot of business.


We ask for a minimum amount of $250 USD to transfer and all wire transfers have to go into a bank account in US dollars.


All wire transfer will be initiated within five (5) days of the end of the payment period.Some transfer can take up to two (2) days to reach your bank account, depending on the country you are located in and on how many intermediary bank have to be involved.That means that it could take up to seven (7) days for the money to reach your account.


We are NOT responsible for the fees that your bank or any intermediary bank might charge you in order to receive the wire transfer.


If, for any reasons at all, our bank is not able to make the wire transfer, it might take longer for you to receive your money.This might happen if the banking information you provided us with is not complete and that our bank is not able to contact you bank.We will do everything we can to make the wire transfer happen and we will contact you as soon as the bank will warn us that they canít make your wire transfer.


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